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Patient-Centric Monitoring: Using technology to enhance patient care.



Cheryl Le Huquet DNP, RN NE-BC

Project Management Specialist, Operations

UCLA Health

Los Angeles, CA




In today’s hospital environment, monitoring technology is ever-present. Understanding how this technology can work for clinicians more efficiently will enable healthcare professionals to spend more time with their patients and provide better care. This webinar will describe how an academic medical center successfully addressed cultural and educational barriers to effectively implement a physiologic monitoring technology, and how it improved patient care.


Learning Objectives:

After this activity, the participant will be able to:

  1. . Create and implement a patient-centered care monitoring model 

  2. Describe components of the patient-centered model

  3. Develop mobile incident command strategy during an installation


Faculty Bio: 

Ms. Le Huquet is currently Project Management Specialist (Operations) at UCLA Health in Los Angeles, CA. She facilitates system-wide implementation of evidence-based solutions to support safe patient care environments. In 2017, Ms. Le Huquet developed and led clinical education and clinical operations teams in the implementation of a system-wide physiologic monitor exchange to a patient-centric model. She has presented at numerous nursing meetings related to patient monitoring and is an active member of several organizations including Association of Nurse Leaders.

Supported by an educational grant 

Philips Healthcare

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