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How to obtain your CE or CRCE credits

In order to complete you test and get your credits, you must go to our testing site at and log in. Once you have done so, your available tests are visible on the right. Please note that certain tests are only available to certain professions for accreditation so if you do not see the test you are looking for it is probably because you have registered under another profession. Please read below to answer some of the more frequently asked questions. If you wish to be informed of upcoming events and webinars, please sign up on the appropriate formt.

I failed the test twice

That is unfortunate. The accrediting body (AARC) only allows you to take the test twice.


I wish to change my email address

Go to and login. After you have sucessfully logged in you will see “Edit Profile” on your left beneath the newsletter graphic. You can then change your information


My address has changed

Go to and login. After you have sucessfully logged in you will see “Edit Profile” on your left beneath the newsletter graphic. You can then change your information


I forgot my password

Just go to and click on “Request a reminder” under the login box on the left. Your login and password will be emailed to you.


I logged in and took the test on the above topic. I passed the test, filled out the survey and other info. It keeps saying I have not passed any tests!

You must click on the “PRINT” button at the bottom of the page. If you do not, your test will not appear in your test history.


How do I register without putting my license number down?

Just leave it blank if you wish. The license number is only necessary for RTs, if you wish your results to be automatically forwarded to the AARC for credit


I completed two programs. Will the credit for these appear on my AARC transcript?  If so when should I expect to see it there?

Results are reported to the AARC at the end of each month. Please allow some extra time for the AARC to process these results.


Your publication states that you can take the C.E. test on-line on the website, but when I went to the website I could not find anywhere that the test could be submitted on-line.  I clicked on the articles and all that came up was a reproduction of the article in adobe acrobat. Is there another place to take the test on-line?

In order to take tests online you must go to and log in. You can then take your test and print out the certificate upon successful completion.


I successfully completed the test but I cannot print out my certificate. 

Please make sure you have registered under the right profession. Some tests are accredited only for RTs.  (please note that you can change your profession in the edit profile window and then print out your certificate but we cannot guarantee that your association will give you credit for it.)


I only took the test once and the web page said I took it twice and would not allow me to take the test again. Can you please check the website and verify somehow that I only attempted once. I really want to take this test for the CEU's. 

This happens when you click the back button before completing the test and printing out your certificate. Just login again using a different username and password.


When I log in, it says User Name or Password is invalid. They are NOT INVALID. I know WHAT user name I used AND WHAT password I used. 

Make sure your username is one word with no spaces. The same goes for your password.


On August 3, 2007 I took an exam  I submitted "Ellizabeth".  It should be "Elizabeth".  How can I correct this.

Go to
click on the publication you took the test for.
On the left beneath the image of the newsletter, click on “UPDATE PROFILE” and make the necessary correction.


I have taken a few of your tests for CRCE's.  When I go the AARC web site and look up how many CRCE's I have, it isn't showing any.  I have taken a few through your web site and I'm wondering how long before they show up at AARC

Test results are submitted to the AARC on a monthly basis. We have no way of knowing how long it takes them to post the results.


Hi! Today I registered on your site.  I did not notice until I printed out my tests that my name was misspelled.  Would it be best to re-register?

You do not have to re-register. Just  go to and login. On the left you will see a link to “ edit profile”. You may then edit your information.

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