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Pain Management and Fetal Monitoring:
Chasing a baby can start even before the delivery.

Maria Grosselin, MSN, RN MedSurg-BC       


Patients in labor have many pain management options available to them. Many choose to remain as natural as possible, utilizing ambulation, positioning, counterpressure, hot showers/tubs, or even meditation.  Others choose intravenous pain medications or an epidural. All methods have their risks and benefits and are very personal choice. With the patient in labor, the HCP must intermittently or continuously monitor the baby. Depending on the choice of pain relief, fetal monitoring is critical and often exhausting.


Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this educational activity, the participant will be able to:

  1. Explain the options for pain management during labor.

  2. Describe effects of pain management on the fetus as seen on fetal monitor tracing.


Faculty Bio

Maria Grosselin, MSN, RN-BC is currently the Unit Director of Labor and Delivery, High Risk Antepartum

at UPMC, in Erie, PA. She was for several years ASN Clinical Instructor at Mercyhurst University, North East, PA. Several of her research interests include, increasing patient satisfaction through a nursing pain education campaign and reducing primary cesarean rates. Ms. Grosselin has ben very active at her institution as part of several planning committees.

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