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Optimizing the management of chronic respiratory failure: Monitoring of home  mechanical ventilation

Patrick Murphy, MBBS, PhD


The presentation will summarize current practice in home mechanical ventilation (HMV) and the management of chronic respiratory failure. An increase in the evidence to support improved clinical outcomes with home mechanical ventilation has led to an increase in its use, which was accelerated during the covid-19 pandemic. Traditionally HMV has been setup in hospitals and patients have needed to attend in-hospital setup for monitoring the effectiveness of ventilation. Technological advances, such as remote monitoring and setup, have allowed for the movement of some aspects of care to the home. Recent evidence supports the setup and remote monitoring of HMV in the home and ambulatory setting, to support providing of clinical care that better meets the needs of patients with chronic respiratory failure.


Learning Objectives

  1. Describe current best practice on establishing HMV in patients with chronic respiratory failure

  2. Discuss the evidence supporting different pathways for setup of HMV in patients with chronic respiratory failure

  3. Describe the role of remote monitoring in the setup and ongoing clinical care for patients treated with HMV


Faculty Bio:

Patrick Murphy, MBBS, PhD,  is currently a consultant and clinical lead at the Lane Fox Respiratory Unit, Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital. The Lane Fox Unit is an internationally recognized center for weaning from prolonged mechanical ventilation and management of home mechanical ventilation.  He completed a PhD studying respiratory physiology in acute and chronic respiratory failure secondary to COPD and obesity and was appointed a reader in respiratory medicine at King’s College London in 2019. He has presented primary research data at international conferences and has been awarded travel grants by both the European Respiratory Society and American Thoracic Society. His research interests involve respiratory physiology and respiratory support in acute and chronic respiratory failure which has led to publications of physiological and clinical trial data in leading respiratory and general medicine journals. He has contributed to both national and international guidelines in the field of management of respiratory complications of sickle cell and obesity related respiratory failure.

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