Preventing the “Fall” - Controlling Pediatric Asthma and Flare-ups During Peak Season  



Stuart Abramson, MD, PhD

Director, Allergy and Immunology Service

Shannon Medical Center, San Angelo, TX



The fall season is associated with an increase in episodes of poor asthma control and exacerbations for a child with asthma.  Children returning to school are exposed to a variety of different triggers including viral infections, environmental triggers in schools and other exposures.  With proper management and asthma control, most asthma-related exacerbations can be prevented.  In this webinar, Dr. Abramson will discuss the topic of poorly controlled asthma, tips to minimize asthma flare-ups and tactics to maximize asthma control.   


Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this activity, the attendee will be able to:

  1. Describe asthma control and how is it measured 

  2. Discuss reasons the reasons for poor asthma control 

  3. List medications and other interventions may be used to achieve asthma control 


Faculty Bio:

Dr. Abramson is currently the Director and Staff Physician at Shannon Clinic in San Angelo, TX. Prior to joining the Shannon Clinic, Dr. Abramson was Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Baylor College. He has p resented at over300 invited lectures, presentations, and research seminars in the fields of allergy, asthma, and immunology for medical students, house staff, faculty, other health care and scientific professionals, as well as for the general public. He has published nearly 100 articles in peer-reviewed journals. He is a reviewer for several scientific journals including, Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Pediatrics, Respiratory Medicine and Lung to name a few.

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