Brooklyn Early Warning System Score:  Rescuing the deteriorating patient



Ron Kaleya, MD, FACS

Director of Gastrointestinal Surgical Oncology 

Maimonides Medical Center

Brooklyn, NY 



Early warning system (EWS) scores are tools used by hospital care teams to recognize the early signs of clinical deterioration to initiate early intervention and management. Yet despite widespread use of EWS, there has been inconsistent improvement in patient outcomes. Using a combination of enabling technologies, automated scoring, algorithmic escalation, changes in traditional workflow and response by high level providers, we have demonstrated a 30% decrease in failure to rescue and a substantial reduction in mortality at our facility. This webinar will be of interest to all healthcare professionals, physicians, nurses and respiratory therapists as Dr. Kaleya demonstrates how the Maimonides Medical Center has converted a reactive early warning score into a pro-active and anticipatory early warning system. 


Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this activity, the participant should be able to

  1. Discuss the impediments to rescue when using a validated EWS

  2. Describe the technologies necessary to reduce response times, improve escalation to high level providers and changes in workflow necessary to improve patient outcomes

  3. Demonstrate the cost-efficacy and sustainability of the Brooklyn early warning system (BEWS)

Supported by an educational grant 

Philips Healthcare

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